An Investment in Opportunity was authored by John Griffith, a Senior Analyst and Project Manager at Enterprise, and Diane Yentel, Enterprise’s Vice President for Public Policy & Government Affairs.

Ali Solis, Enterprise’s Senior Vice President for Advocacy & Corporate Affairs, provided strategic report for the project, and Andrew Jakabovics, Enterprise’s Senior Director of Policy Development & Research, provided research support.

The report is the product of dozens of interviews and informal conversations with experts in affordable housing, housing finance and public policy. The authors would like to thank all of the members of the Enterprise Policy Team for their leadership in developing, writing and editing the platform, including: Laurel Blatchford, Emily Cadik, Allison Charette, Rachel Reilly Carroll, Scott Hoekman, NaShawn Johnson, Howard Leibowitz, Emily Lungard, Kenny Marable, Sarah Mickelson, Manuel Ochoa, Jeanie Shattuck, Michael Spotts and Elizabeth Strojan. Several other members of the Enterprise team also provided crucial input on the policy recommendations and other support, including: David Bowers Angela Boyd, Mary Bushel, Keith Fairey, Andy Geer, Anne Griffith, John Harrison, John Hersey, Matt Hoffman, Heather Hood, Catherine Hyde, Patrick Jordan, Judi Kende, Richard Larimer, M.A. Leonard, Mark McDermott, Tom Osdoba, Melinda Pollack, Jon Searles, Jeff Schaffer, Jessica Sorrell, John Sullivan, Lydia Tom, Meaghan Shannon-Vlkovic, Michelle Whetten, Odetta MacLeish-White and Alan Zibel.

The authors would also like to thank every outside expert who informed their research and analysis, especially those who reviewed drafts of the report, including: Pamela Blumenthal, Liza Getsinger, Julia Gordon, Jim Parrott, Pam Patenaude, Erika Poethig, Ellen Seidman, Mark Willis and Barry Zigas.

Finally, the authors would like to thank the members of the Enterprise Community Partners Board of Trustees and the Enterprise Community Investment Board of Directors for their tremendous guidance, insights and support throughout the development of this policy platform:

Enterprise Community Partners Board:

J. Ronald Terwilliger (Chair)
Priscilla Almodovar
Gregory A. Baer
Maria F. Barry
Bill Beckmann
Raphael Bostic
Christopher Collins
Donald S. Falk
Lance Fors
Carol J. Galante
Dora Leong Gallo
Renee Glover
Rick Lazio
Terri Ludwig
Patrick McEnerney
Beth Myers
Edward Norton
Barbara Poppe
Dina Habib Powell
Ronald A. Ratner
Jonathan F.P. Rose
Tony M. Salazar
Megan T. Sandel
Roy Swan

Enterprise Community Investment Board:

Terri Ludwig (Chair)
J. Ronald Terwilliger (Vice Chair)
Bill Beckmann
Michael D. Berman
Barry C. Curtis
W. Kimball Griffith
Arlene Isaacs-Lowe
David D. Leopold
Judd S. Levy
Sal K. Mirran
Shekar Narasimhan
Keith D. Nisbet
Tony M. Salazar
Elizabeth M. Stohr
Charles R. Werhane

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